Holiday “Gift Idea” Introductory Screens for Your Book Trailer!

Let BookLocker add an introductory screen to your existing book trailer so you can encourage friends, family, and even strangers to purchase your book as a gift for others! Please note we can only provide this service to authors for whom we have previously created book trailers.


How it works:

  1. Please place your order using the instructions below.
  2. We will pull your your book trailer from our files, and add a new introductory screen with a holiday-themed photo or video, holiday music, and “GREAT gift idea…” marketing text. We will then send that to you right away so you can begin your online Christmas book marketing. We will also upload your new book trailer to YouTube.
  3. You can then share the new trailer on your website, on social media, or wherever you want, with a note telling everyone what an awesome gift your book will make for their friends and loved ones!
  4. Don’t forget to give them the link where they can buy your book!
  5. IMPORTANT! We will be running a site-wide Black Friday through Cyber Monday book sale! Using this discount code (which we have already activated), your customers can get 20% off their ENTIRE ORDER at BookLocker (not including shipping): AllBooks2023


Cost: $35 per book trailer

If you want us to add “GREAT GIFT IDEA!” screens to more than one book book trailer, multiply the number of titles x $35 and put that in the “amount you’re paying” box on the order form at the link below.

In the second box on the form, tell us the titles of the books (trailers) you want us to work on. We also need you to tell us what text to add to that screen. It must be very short, and similar to the samples provide above. Examples:

A GREAT Gift Idea for ________________ Enthusiasts!

A GREAT Gift Idea for ________________ Lovers!

Order form:

We expect a lot of requests for these so sign up right away. First come, first served. 🙂

THE FINE PRINT: Due to the time-sensitive nature of this service, BookLocker will choose the holiday-themed first screen (image or video), and the music for that screen. If you don’t provide us with the text for the first screen, we will create that on our end as well. Refunds are not permitted for this service.

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