Want Christmas Sales for Your New Book? Get. Published. NOW!

When the back-to-school commercials start in July of each year, I feel a twinge of anxiety deep down in my gut. When the newspaper and television news shows run footage of children getting on school buses for the first day of school here (which happened last week), my heart starts to pound a bit. When September 1st arrives, I’m sweating and in fast-forward mode. At each of these pivotal moments, I’m reminded that I will be getting little sleep from now until Christmas week. Yes, around 17 weeks of puffy eyes and sore fingertips, but also the excitement and satisfaction of helping so many authors launch their new “babies” into the world! And, I LOVE every minute of it! (Well, except for the sleep-deprivation part…)

Why? Because the back to school/fall-is-coming advertisements seem to spur authors to want to get their new books on the market ASAP to take advantage of the impending holiday shopping season…

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Attn: Current BookLocker Authors

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