“Amazon has my book priced waaaay too low (or high)! What gives?!”

Amazon and any retailer can price a book at whatever they want. When they drastically low-ball the price, Amazon is losing money on the sale of each copy of your book. We have seen this happen in the past and, when authors complain, they usually get a canned answer from an Amazon employee that basically says, “We can do whatever we want.”

When Amazon charges too much, they get to keep the extra money.

Neither scenario affects the royalties you earn on your BookLocker.com print title. For print books, you’re still earning a flat percentage of the list price that YOU chose for your print book.

Some authors, when they notice a really low list price on Amazon, go in and order multiple copies of their books at the reduced price (if Amazon lets them). This usually spurs an alert in Amazon’s system and they then fix the pricing problem. They may even email you saying they made a mistake and that you can only have one copy of the book. That’s one way to attempt to fix the problem. But, they might continue to list it at the low price, and allow people to keep ordering multiple copies.

But, again, your royalties will not be affected.

If you or we complain about a price being too high, Amazon will not do anything. Rather, you’ll likely receive a form email from Amazon that is not helpful at all.

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“Why do Amazon’s resellers have my book priced too high/too low?”

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