“Why do Amazon’s resellers have my book priced too high/too low?”

Some of Amazon’s resellers also have numerous pricing errors in their databases. Amazon has thousands of resellers and contacting each one about pricing errors would be virtually impossible. If they have a book priced too low, they’ll learn the hard way when/if they sell a copy, and end up losing money on the transaction. If they have a book priced too high, the book buyer will simply buy the book from someone else. And, since Amazon’s database lists those reseller offerings in order of price, the buyer won’t have any trouble choosing the least expensive one on the list. These reseller listings are database drive so, in some (if not most)┬ácases, a human being hasn’t looked at them before they were posted. If you do request a reseller fix an error, they may fix it, or they may simply ignore you.


“How can Amazon resellers offer ‘new’ copies of my out-of-print book for sale?”

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