“Why is my book out of stock at one of Amazon’s foreign sites?”

Occasionally, authors may find their books listed as “out of stock” or with long delivery times on Amazon’s foreign sites.

Amazon gets to choose if they want to stock a book or not. And, most of our books are indeed listed as “in stock” at Amazon.com.

Amazon is more likely to not stock English-language books at their foreign locations because sales of an English-language book in a primarily non-English-speaking country are expected to be low.

If lots of people in a specific country start ordering your book from that Amazon site, they’re more likely to stock copies. But, they may also choose to simply order a copy when somebody orders from them.

Authors need to remember that Amazon is trying to earn a profit like every other business. Stocking a product that isn’t likely to sell many copies in a specific location doesn’t make much business sense. But, keep in mind that, if you also have an ebook edition of your book up for sale, people in those countries can purchase and instantly download a copy of that ebook edition.

And, even if a book is listed as “out of stock” on Amazon, people can still order copies. Amazon will then order a copy from our distributor, and have it shipped to their customer.


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