“Can you make Amazon remove my old publisher’s book from their site?”

Since so many of our competitors have bit the dust in the past couple of years, we receive this question frequently.

Amazon will not discuss another publisher’s book with us, even if we published the new edition. They have a contract with the old publisher, not us. They also won’t remove a book just because the author of that book asks them to. However, we have found a work-around.

If your old publisher has gone out of business, or even if you’ve simply fired them, they no longer have the right to print and sell your book. If they are still doing so, that is copyright infringement. You can plead your case to Amazon but they will tell you that this is between you and your former publisher.

The one way we’ve found that DOES work is to file a copyright infringement claim with Amazon. THIS ARTICLE shows you how to do that.

Remember that any retailer can sell copies of books they have already purchased, whether new or used. Amazon allows other firms to sell used copies of books on their site. If a copy of your book has been purchased previously, anybody can legally sell it online.





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