BookLocker’s Referral Program – Earn $40

Are you a current or past BookLocker author and/or do you offer consulting, editing, illustration, design or any other services to authors? If so, you can quickly earn $40!

We are getting LOTS of referrals from BookLocker authors, as well as from folks offering editing and other creative services to authors! This includes their customers, writing friends, neighbors, family and other colleagues! Some just mention us in passing while others post detailed information on their websites, blogs and social media accounts, which leads to even more referral fees.

Earn $40.00 per referral!

Note: You are, of course, welcome to use our logo:×150.jpg

You can also use any links on the site if you need to.

AUTHORS: If you have any questions, give us a shout through your author account HERE.

OTHERS: Contact Angela RIGHT HERE, and tell her about the services you offer authors. We will need your name, contact info. and your Paypal ID, which is simply the email address you used to sign up with them. If you qualify, we’ll set you up with a vendor account in our system and you can start earning referral fees right away.

WHEN WE PAY: We pay referral fees on the fifth business day of the month to those whose unpaid fees in their author or vendor account were $40 or more on the last day of the previous month. Yes, it’s that easy! 🙂

We pay all referral fees through Paypal.


In a nutshell, when a new author signs up with BookLocker for the very first time, and if they use either the At Your Service Program ($875), the Rush program ($1199), or the Color-Interior Program (price varies), the referring active BookLocker author earns $40 when the new author types your name in the “referred by” box on their contract.

It’s easy! And, we appreciate the referrals so much!

Just send this link to your friends, family and colleagues:

New authors appreciate hearing about BookLocker because they discover a low-priced service that isn’t charging authors thousands like the “other guys.” They also appreciate having one-on-one access to the owners of the company, and not being shoveled around from one overseas customer service rep to another.


1. You can’t earn fees for referring yourself (yes, we had to mention that). The person signing up must be a new author who has never used BookLocker before.

2. The new author must sign up for the At Your Service Program, the Professional Author Program, or the full-service Color-Interior Program.

Black and White Interior Packages:

Color-Interior Package:

Referral fees are not paid for authors signing up for reduced rate packages, like the Returning Author Special. Referral fees are also not paid for authors using the D.I.Y. program, or authors who are purchasing separate a la carte items.

3. The referral fee will be credited after the new author signs up, pays the fee, lists the referrer’s name in their contract, and uploads their files for formatting. Most upload their files same-day.

4. Authors of rejected manuscripts, are, of course, not eligible to sign up.


Here are two additional graphics you can use when recommending authors to BookLocker:


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