Angela Hoy – Publisher

Angela Hoy, the publisher at, is well-known in the online freelance writing community as founder, publisher and editor of, a site that publishes new freelance jobs and paying markets every Wednesday. She is also an advocate for writers’ rights, publishing numerous articles on how writers can protect themselves from deadbeat editors and publishers as well as common industry scams. She created and moderates the Whispers and Warnings forum on, where writers can share their experiences with deadbeats and scammers targeting writers. She is the author of 11 non-fiction titles and the co-author of 2 additional books as well as six novels written under pseudonyms. Her book, How to Be a Syndicated Newspaper Columnist, was one of the very first ebooks created and sold online.

Angela met Richard in the mid 90’s while they both worked for an Internet marketing firm in Houston, Texas. Their mutual love of writing, good food, fine wine, and Halloween, of course, sealed the deal!

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The Romantic History of WritersWeekly and BookLocker


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