A La Carte Services and Referrals for Other Professional Services

To order any of these items, please CONTACT ANGELA for a quote. 

If you only need only some of our services for your black and white interior book, you can order those a la carte. Please keep in mind, however, that our At Your Service Publishing Package price may be less expensive even if you don’t require all of the services in that package. The process for our publishing packages is streamlined, which is why we can offer the publishing packages for less.

Basic print interior formatting and conversion with no images/photos: $375

Authors are required to upload one manuscript with all text and graphics/photos in the order they want them to appear.

Interior Images/Graphics: $3.00 each

Authors must provide images and they must be 300 dpi, crisp, clear, and with good contrast. Our At Your Service Publishing Package also includes up to 50 images for the print edition only with no additional charge. 

Tables/Graphs: $10.00 each

Authors must provide tables/graphs. If created outside of MSWord, they must be crisp and clear 300 dpi jpg files with good contrast.

Automated Table of Contents: $2/line of text

Original Paperback Cover Design: $350

Original Hardback Cover Design: $450

Basic epub/mobi formatting/conversion/listing/distribution: $249

Included in all publishing packages except DIY. Includes up to 2 graphics and no other complex formatting items. Additional graphic/photos are $3.00 each. See additional information about epub/mobi (ebook) services and fees below. 

Ebook Cover Design: $200

If you order print cover design, you do NOT also need ebook cover design. We will use the front of the print cover for your ebook cover. 

For print and ebook editions of a standard paperback novel with no interior images, using the prices above, the cost would be $1024.00 while our At Your Service publishing package is only $875, yet provides the same services. If that is the case, we recommend signing up for our At Your Service Package RIGHT HERE.


Rush Cover Design: add $99 to the prices above

Our designer will push you to the front of the line. Rush cover design takes approximately 1 week.

Rush Interior Print Formatting: add $99 to the prices above.

This service takes approx. 2 weeks instead of a month. Expect delays in the weeks before the holidays.

NOTE: Our Expedited Publishing Package, which includes the same print book services as our At Your Service Publishing Package (but in only two weeks instead of a month), is only $1199.00.  You do not need rush cover design and rush interior print formatting if you are signing up for the Expedited Publishing Package. 

Publisher-directed Book Trailer: $150

Author-directed Book Trailer: $200

Automated indexing is $1.50 for each word/term + $2.00 for people’s names

Names require individual edits of every single occurrence of the name in the coding throughout the manuscript so that they will appear in the index as last name first in the index (i.e. Doe, John).

Copyright registration: $125.00

The copyright will be in YOUR name and you will receive the certificate from the government.

Library of Congress Control Number registration $50.00

Only applicable for new print books, or new editions of previously published print titles. The Library of Congress will not issue LCCNs to books that are only available in electronic format. Books less than 50 pages are also not eligible. 

Category/Keyword Analysis powered by BoostaBook: $179

Table/Graph Creation: $3.00 per line of data
Authors must provide the data. We will create automated tables or graphs in MSWord.


Basic epub/mobi formatting/conversion/listing/distribution: $249

Included in all publishing packages except DIY. Includes up to 2 graphics and no other complex formatting items.

Extra interior graphics: $3 each

Text boxes: $3 each (must be inserted in the original manuscript by the author)

Drop caps: $2 each

Convert tables already automated in MSWord: $10 each; or $10 per page where table appears if table is longer than 1 page

Create tables from outlined text and/or graphics: $10 each; or $10 per page where table appears if table is longer than 1 page

Convert previously automated footnotes to endnotes (appearing at end of book): No extra charge

Endnotes that have non-consecutive numbers (the numbering begins all over again on the endnotes pages): Quote required 

Move footnotes at bottom of pages to end of each chapter: $5 per chapter

Repeating identical motifs/graphics (ones that, for example, appear at the top of each chapter): $2.00 for each occurrence 

Other complex formatting items: Quote required


Spec-check fee: $35 

We will review your first set of files at no extra charge and will send you a list of corrections that need to be made. If you submit more files with errors, a $35 fee will be required for each new upload of incorrect files.

Post-print-galley changes: $125 paperback; $135 hardcover

The printer charges us more to process revision files than for original ones. This covers BookLocker and the printer processing new files, and the printer printing and shipping a new print galley to the author. 




Please click on the links below for other professional services you may require. BookLocker does not offer these services in-house but we trust the individuals at the links below.

Original illustrations



Book Trailers / Author Promotion Videos

Book Publicists


Copywriting Services

Book Summary / Back Cover Copywriting

Typing/Word Processing (converting handwritten manuscript to word processing program, or retyping a book into a word processing program that only currently exists in print)

Photo/Image Editing/Manipulation

Stock Photos/Artwork

Graphic Design/Logo Creation

Website Design

Book Marketing/Promotion


If an author wishes to reactivate a terminated title:

Print and ebook edition: $125

Ebook only: $75







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