Meet Rosana Starr – Professional Ebook Formatting and Conversion

Rosana Starr is an extremely talented coder living in Maine who does professional, hands-on ebook formatting and conversion for BookLocker. Unlike those automated programs that spit out hundreds (or thousands) or errors, Rosana’s personal approach to individually coding and checking each and every page ensures high-quality ebooks that are a great source of pride for BookLocker, and for its authors.

Born and raised in New York City, Rosana has lived in 3 out of 6 U.S. time zones. One Spring day in 2012, a young man with a friendly, smiling face came to her Computer Technology class, looking to hire a person who understood coding. And that was how she met Zach (Richard and Angela’s son, a student there also, who was sent on a recruiting mission), and later Richard and Angela.

At BookLocker, the most important word is ‘family’ – this includes authors, book lovers, employees, and contractors alike. This is why Rosana is proud to provide professional ebook services to BookLocker. Her favorite part of the job is assisting authors with sharing their ideas and stories.

Rosana enjoys birdwatching, exploring green teas, pretending to cook, jazz, and reading pretty much anything —especially horror! Her goal is to travel abroad and to be adopted by a cat. Or two. And a parakeet.

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